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My Visual Asset is a fully customisable web based ordering system which allows you to access, edit and order all your marketing and printed material quickly and easily from any web browser at any time.

Why keep boxes of printed products in your office or in a warehouse where they can easily be forgotten or go out of date? At the touch of a button you and your team can see all literature and items available and can order using our simple user friendly interface.

Flexible enough to handle anything from a simple generic item right through to a fully personalised and complex direct mailing, the system reduces cost, increases efficiency and puts you firmly in control.

Powerful, flexible and very simple to use, My Visual Asset can reduce your costs, save time and help deliver your print and marketing on schedule and on budget.

My Visual Asset has a network of high quality production sites across the country, ensuring quick accurate delivery of your orders. We also have partnered sites internationally, giving us the ability to grow with your company if necessary.

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A great deal of time and money goes into your marketing materials. Brochures, folders, boardroom graphics and even simple stationery; they all set a standard and represent your company. It is important that you appear professional and make the right impression but managing and maintaining the integrity of your brand can be time consuming and costly.

My Visual Asset is an online ordering system that gives you control to manage your entire marketing inventory in one easy to use web portal, allowing you to protect your brand while giving you and your staff the ability to access, order and if required edit all your printed material.

Orders can be made based upon your immediate requirements and printed on demand or items can show on the system as inventory giving you full details of stock levels and automated reminders when stocks get low.

With multiple security levels you are able to set the guidelines for what can be ordered and what the approval process is helping you to manage budgets more efficiently and keep costs down. The system is not limited to just printed material - almost any item can be accommodated and ordered so let My Visual Asset help your company reduce waste, eliminate physical storage and minimise your carbon footprint!


A lot of time and effort goes into getting your retail marketing right as you want to catch the attention of as many customers as possible. Branding is a large investment and making sure it is never compromised while reacting quickly to market needs within budget is a huge challenge.

My Visual Asset is a web based ordering system that enables authorised users to access, edit and order print and related items, delivering your brand to potential customers quickly and efficiently, reducing admin costs and protecting your brand.

Either manage the process centrally or allow each location to personalise material and make final additions to artwork. Ideal for adding or changing percentage discounts to instore promotions or sending out direct mail pieces to promote an event. There is a full approval process, budgets can be set and the comprehensive reporting interface gives you complete control.


Manage your budget, eliminate physical storage and reduce your carbon footprint! Showcasing the courses and facilities of your establishment through a prospectus is possibly the most important piece of marketing you do. Ensuring you order a large enough quantity while keeping the costs down is difficult without compromising quality.

My Visual Asset is an on demand web ordering service that reduces cost and avoids obsolete stock thrown out at the end year.

All your collateral from a full prospectus to direct mail pieces can be accessed and ordered through MVA resulting in a cohesive and controlled process that helps manage every aspect of your marketing budget.

Personalise the information that is sent out to target recipients particular interests rather than sending irrelevant generic information and keep track of exactly what material is being effectively used to help refine future marketing campaigns.


Activate marketing, control your brand and make the whole process more efficient, saving time and reducing admin costs. You want your franchisees to do as much marketing as possible but you need to support their activity with great ideas and well designed collateral.

By introducing your franchisees to the service, with their own unique login you give them the ability to order on demand, at any time. Allow them to make the final additions to your branded, authorised artwork such as prices for special offers or events or to simply order basic stock items without having to phone or email their orders. This suits their local need, but with your centralised control. You set the guidelines for what can be ordered and what the approval process is. You have the ability to manage budgets, whilst reducing wastage, eliminating physical storage and also reducing your carbon footprint!

And better still you save time and cost at head office as you no longer have to answer emails or phone calls when franchisees want to place their orders.


Once your order is placed we have a streamlined production process that maintains quality, consistency and effciency. We draw on many years of print and marketing experience and well established full service production sites across the country to deliver products to exacting standards; never compromising on your brand and professional image.

We produce all printed items in house, further products such as company uniforms, mugs, pens etc. will be produced with our trusted partners or suppliers to the same exacting standards. This gives you the ability to hold your entire inventory in one online catalogue without having to deal with different suppliers for different items.

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